Hardwood and Bamboo

Turn your house into a work of art with wood or bamboo flooring

 Hardwood Flooring gives your home or office a timeless look as well as enhancing the overall look of any room! It adds to the value of your property and gives it a warm feel. This product has a great advantage over any laminate as it can be resanded numerous times, extending its life by decades.

 There are many options for customizing your home with a hardwood flooring including, but not limited to a rustic look of days gone by with a hand scraped Oak to something more contemporary such as a naturally lighter colored Ash. Hardwood comes in a wide variety of tones and grain variations including natural and stained options to coincide with your existing woodwork.

 Pictured below is an office done with Saddle Oak. 




 Also take into consideration of greener flooring such as Bamboo, a hardwood alternative. 
 Bamboo is an eco-friendly product harvested from a fast growing, highly sustainable grass that is harder than red oak by 25%! It is recyclable and doesn't create harmful refuse during production.

You can get this type of flooring in a wide range of colors and textures. Just a few of the colors and textures are displayed below.





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